Checkerboard Day 2020

In 2020, we reunited with Vans to launch year two of Vans Checkerboard Day, a global celebration of creativity. In 2019, our inaugural campaign with Vans was all about imagination. This year being what it was, we really wanted to embrace the positive effects creativity has on our mental well-being. Whether you were stuck inside or had space to roam outdoors, Checkerboard Day 2020 was all about freeing your mind through self expression. Because creativity is good for your head!

All the work you see here was used for web, social, and in-store to encourage people to get involved. Vans partnered with and raised $1M for organizations and charities that foster mental wellness.

creative direction + writing with Grandarmy
Photography and Video: michael stone
Illustration: Tim Mele + Ben Gallegos
Animation: Min Liu and tim meLE